School Uniforms Should Be Part Of The School System

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School uniforms should be part of the school systems, because statistics had shown that students who wear uniforms are doing better than dress codes. More students also feel a sense of equality among each other and there are fewer judgments of others. It allows teacher quickly to identify people who do not belong in the building and limit the ways that gangs can identify themselves. School outfit provides students identity, individual spirit, and pride. Uniforms are increasing throughout different schools. School uniforms make students look more formal, and progressively affects student’s self-esteem, discipline, and safety, and develops students be more confident of what they can achieve in life. First, Uniforms are easier for school to enforce than non-uniforms. Uniforms help students to have fewer penalizing problems and increased attendance than non-uniform schools. When students are not wearing uniforms, students are tending to act the way they are dressed for school. Uniforms are to help students to focus and do better in school and outside of school. School outfits are one of several demands factors that influence learning. It allows students to look more formal on their personality and not how they are dress. Students are allowed determined what is expected at school and the freedom they have outside of school in fashion. It also helps learners to be more discipline in their education and keep them from distractions as clothe design competition to each other. The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and Asia-Pacific Economics Blog (APECSEC) statistics have shown that uniforms impacted in classroom discipline of 85 percent and 44 percent of attendance ( School Uniforms Pros and Cons 5) and (Natio... ... middle of paper ... ... promotes a healthier environment and safer learning space where learners are not afraid of themselves (Wise Geek 1). Data have shown that students safety have increased to 79 percent and decrease bulling by 64 percent. With dress codes, school staff and security quickly spot burglars and any other individuals who do not belong in the area ( School Uniforms Pros and Cons 5). Overall, school uniforms are a great idea for students to wear. Even though there are couple negatives arguments about it; on the other hand, there seems to be more positive outlooks rather than the negative reasons. School uniforms get rid of the bullies who pick on others, eliminate the separation of social class, and keep students to be safe. School out require their learners to have a formal look to the school. There has been respectable evidence that school uniform is a good idea to have.

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