School Uniforms: Restriction or Regulation?

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What are you wearing today? Chances are, it’s most likely not a uniform. School uniforms are well known around the world in various lights. From dress shirts and slacks to pleated skirts and jumpers, uniforms are widely known as being unattractive to most students, and universally undesired. However, school uniforms actually affect behaviors in students by helping avoid gang situations, relieve social stresses, and improve academic performances in general.
Firstly, uniforms help eliminate the feeling of being singled out by other students, and creates less clique conformity, as everyone is wearing the same outfit. In most schools, students form cliques or gangs with one another based on either interests, appearance, or background (Spanner). Clothing for most kids is a way to express themselves, and can inadvertently tell others how much money their family makes based on the quality of their clothes (Charlonne). There are fewer worries about clothing and who friends are, and it gives students more time to focus on studies instead of outside problems. Arguably, school uniforms may seem expensive, however in comparison to clothing bought for casual wear, the difference in money spent annually is significantly larger (Charlonne).
Second, uniforms create a sense of school pride and unity instead of individuality. Wearing a school uniform helps bring everyone together as one student body as opposed to individuals standing out or being isolated from others in social circles. It increases school spirit and overall helps keep students well rounded and, in a way, forces them to focus on what’s important rather than the outer appearance.
Similarly to a uniform for a sports team, school uniforms help students connect with one another and ide...

... middle of paper ... have to be made when going to school. School is a place of learning, and while it is acceptable to socialize, kids are expected to not get distracted and pay attention to what is going on in class around them, not looking to see if their friends have the latest fads. In conclusion, uniforms are a great way to keep students focused, engaged, and achieve even more in school.

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