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Annotated Bibliography
Chandler, M. A. (2015, Oct 01). No uniform policy on what to wear. Washington Post Retrieved from
In the Washington Post newspaper article stated the claim of how uniform policy swept U.S. in the school year of 2011-2012 to improve academics for the lacking students. Chandler says that according to federal data, 20 percent of schools districts made it necessary for students to wear uniforms. The uniform take-over caught the attention of researcher and educators of the benefits surrounding uniforms between high and low poverty school.Chandler is a journalist on education for the Washington Post. No uniform policy on what to wear offer reasonable evidence supporting school
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This journal covers early signs of success, reducing violence, improving school climate, and saving money.
Light, M. (2007, ). Pros and cons for school uniforms. Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) Retrieved from
The increasing number of school around the nation was implemented the uniform look even though uniforms was not an epidemic. Although, the issues on the pros and cons on school uniforms grew. Researchers found that most parents were all in favor of implementing the uniform look to release the pressure of buying trends clothing.
Murray Light journalists of the Buffalo News show evidence of a study conducted in Long Beach California imposing the uniform policy. The article argues the effectiveness of school uniforms.
The Pros and Cons for school Uniforms acknowledge the history and the study of school uniforms while holding the conflict of interest, advantages, disadvantages, and parents agree with adopting the school uniform requires. Provide information in the source makes a great calibration for my

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