School Uniforms

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The debate over whether or not to enforce school uniforms has become a major problem in today’s schools. Schools are full of judgment and bullying between peers, which negatively affect many aspects within the school. Some believe wearing uniforms can have negative effects towards students such as the loss of self-individualism and the encouragement of conformity. School uniforms promote academic achievement and support the fight in eliminating bullying, which outweigh the cons, making school uniforms the best decision for schools.
School uniforms promote academic achievement to students in many ways. Wearing identical uniforms puts everyone in the same situation, so they are more likely to help each other succeed. This is the reason why players on a sports team wear identical uniforms (Latham). Teenagers are so infatuated with the latest trends and what people are wearing. They are often distracted by observing what other people wear than focusing on schoolwork. According to Betty Mike-Sell Bailey, school-improvement resource teacher at Decatur Middle School, “Children at this age are so impressed with dress that, if we can eliminate that little aspect of their daily lives and get their minds focused on academics, that is half the battle”(Viadero). Studies have also shown the relationship between wearing uniforms and academic success. Virginia Draa, assistant professor at Youngstown state University compared the attendance, graduation, and proficiency pass rates at sixty-four high schools in Ohio. Her study concludes those schools with uniform policies improved in attendance, graduation, and suspension rates (Wilde). Along with all of the academic achievements school uniforms also help diminish school bullying.
Bullying is ...

... middle of paper ... solution. Schools want the best for their students, so why not give them the best, and administer school uniforms?

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