School Uniforms

The first idea of having students wear uniforms in public schools was thought of in the early 1980s by then mayor, Marion Barry. Marion believe that enforcing the use of uniforms would, “help public school students as though (they were in) in catholic schools.” The issues surrounding the mandatory use of uniforms in public schools has been a very controversial subject from school to school for numerous years. Allowing uniforms in public schools would have many pros and cons, it would have to be evaluated by many government decision makers. and would have an impact on every community that allows them. Depending on the issue from each school, uniforms could either benefit the school immensely or do nothing to help the school with its problems.
To have uniforms mandatory in public schools would have many reasons why it would be beneficial to not only students, but also parents and teachers. A benefit of having school uniforms would be that uniforms would reduce clothing costs and stress for parents by not having to spends hundreds of dollars each year on their children so that they can keep up with the latest fashions and trends. Another perk would be that most of the time uniforms reduce bullying among students by eliminating the bullying surrounding students preferred clothing choices. They could also be less distracted in school from looking at their peers’ clothes. Students who come from poorer families would not stand out or be judged by the students who are more fortunate. With uniforms, teachers would not have to make the tough decisions of what clothing is appropriate for students to wear. School uniforms also reduces fighting and theft in schools where gangs and poverty is common.
Even though there are many ways uniforms wo...

... middle of paper ... burden for parents, they would not have to worry about getting their kids the just as expensive name brand clothes which most teenage students would want.
School uniforms can be extremely beneficial to a school or just a waste of time. The pros and cons of having school uniforms in public schools has many pros and cons that equal out for the most part. Having uniforms mandatory for schools would be a big decision for lawmakers because the decision of whether uniforms should be mandatory is a local issue, and rules and regulations would have to be thought of for every school. Students, parents of students, and teachers of the communities that have uniforms could be affected a lot based on their opinions towards the issue. Whether uniforms should be mandatory or not all depends on the issue of why they are needed and a persons opinion of why they are needed.

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