School Uniform Should Be Mandatory Essay

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There has been much discussion about wearing school uniform. Some people may think that the school uniform is recently used, but actually the school uniform existed centuries ago. The first use of the school uniform was in 1222. Also, in the 16th centuries in England the school “Christ Hospital Boarding” impose blue cassocks and yellow stockings to the children, Reflect the look of the priests ho take care of them. This uniform is still use that makes it the oldest uniform dress in history. The united stat was strict with the uniform system, only ho allows to ware the uniform is the privet and the parochial schools until 1987. Some people may claim that the school uniform should be mandatory because it can improve punctuality and can save valuable…show more content…
Because of the uniform the student ho study in schools were are the uniform is mandatory he probably will not study hard because this is the nature of the hymen they do not give all their efforts if the place in which they work in is tedious and do not have any thing to interest them. Also, the student prefer to dress what they like, and some schools do not let them because they think that school is to study not to flaunt wealth. They say that it is for the benefit of the students. Actually, uniforms are iterative because of their dark colors. More often than not, most of the uniforms come in dull colors. It’s always dark blue, khaki, green, black and other tedious colors, and the student will wear it every day in the school. He will feel board because of the tiresome uniform that will affect the student greed because he is board of school, and he will not give all his effort in his study. Actually if people look to the school from above it will look like an army base. If school let the student wear what they like, they will be exited to go to school, and the school will look beautiful and colorful, and of curs the students’ performance will improve because they will study with high
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