School Uniform Debate

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Required school uniforms is a topic debated in many school systems; should children wear school uniforms or not? According to Tucker, a representative for the National Association of Elementary School Principals, “School uniforms or a formal dress code policy in public schools are on the rise as nearly half have a policy in place or have plans to implement one – more than double from 2000,” (Tucker). Some people tend to love the idea because they keep children more focused in school and it saves parents money and stress. On the other hand, others do not like the idea because it takes away the students’ freedom of choice and delays children’s transition into adulthood. There is no clear answer on the school uniform debate and it is more complex than people realize. The most evident debate in the topic of school uniforms is whether or not having uniforms takes away the freedom of expression for children. Most people refer to the First Amendment and claim we have the right to express ourselves in any way we choose, which includes clothes. Other people say that parents have the right to dress their kids in whatever clothes they feel are appropriate and should not…show more content…
In fact, people say that it might require parents to actually pay more money in the long run, (, Even though the uniform might be cheaper to buy, you have to take into account the other set of clothes you have to buy for children for when they are not in school. Most children will not wear their school uniform when they are at home; they will have a set of regular clothes for at home use. So now, instead of buying just one set of clothes for your child that they could wear the whole day, you purchase two sets of clothes, one set of clothes for school and one for when they are not in school. This could potentially be more expensive than just buying the pricier, non-uniform
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