School Teachers Should Be Evaluated Quarterly for Their Curriculum and Performance in Order to Determine Their Pay

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“The Mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”- William Arthur Ward. It has been my experience that every year as the new school year begins; we get the same teachers that are just there for the sake of a job and not to truly help educate the students. Teachers are supposed to be the pillars of the community and help be there for those very impressionable students who need guidance and help with understanding the things that can help us in the future. On average, public school student’s grades one through twelve spend nine months a year in a classroom, five days a week, about six hours a day; if a teacher isn’t the one instilling the knowledge we will need for the future than no one else will. Students are held accountable for passing their exams and achieving good grades. Therefore, to achieve this result a policy must be implemented in which all public school teachers are evaluated quarterly for their curriculum and performance in order to determine their pay.
Teachers will be required to submit their curriculum prior to the school year starting for it to be approved and reviewed by board selected by school officials. Having a teacher submit their yearly plans and goals for the school year will allow for the best possible curriculum to be taught to the students without any gaps or important missing information. As an example I will use Coral Glades High School; when I attended this high school, throughout the four years I was there, every teacher blatantly told us that although certain things are required for the year, that they may or may not skip over it due to lack of time; Is this acceptable? A curriculum is set in place for a reason and that...

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...lot to say when it comes to teachers outside of the classroom environment to other peers; but the opportunity has never arisen to express concerns or areas that need improvement to persons of higher power. Having a student who has a higher mark in the course and one with a lower mark in the course be surveyed allows for variety in the results and can help provide a clear sense of where the issue may lie. The questionnaire will allow for the students to be honest about what occurs in the classroom setting and if the teacher is actually doing their job without being judged or penalized by the teacher. As a scholar, I have engaged in many other surveys on teacher evaluation that always have “agree” or “disagree” multiple choice options that don’t permit real progress; this survey will allow for the student to provide genuine feedback and their own personal experiences.

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