School Of Athens And The Last Supper Comparison

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1508 words

Fresco began in the thirteenth century at the time of Renaissance in Italy. This period is the culmination of the European mural art, many famous artists are involved in this exploration to create, the art of mural has been an unprecedented increase. The School of Athens and The Last Supper both are representational works of the Renaissance, have obvious similarities on perspective in composition. This essay will compare these works in the aspects of content, composition techniques and conception. In the School of Athens, Raphael portrayed the splendid scenes of philosophers, scientists and artists in this school. The school of Athens was set up by Plato, who is the ancient Greek idealistic philosopher. The central side of the picture is Plato and his disciple Aristotle, who have intense discussions. Although Plato's teacher, Socrates, was no longer alive when he founded the Academy of Athens, however, Raphael drawn Socrates in the left of a group of characters, to show the hierarchy of philosophy. Different gestures of them illustrated different idea on philosophy. Plato stretched out his finger pointing on the above represents the idealism …show more content…

The table placed like a long horizontal line through the whole painting, both the formatted of a stable atmosphere. Plus, the image of Jesus' calmness, majesty, and the composition of the twelve disciples on both sides of the composition, forming both static and dynamic. At the same time, the table put against the audiences while adopted a completely open art approach, so that audiences could to be immersive. Leonardo da Vinci combined thirteen characters with full expression of both different and closely

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how raphael focused on the use of color and lines, the character of the humanities, and the shaping of rational spirit in the school of athens.
  • Analyzes how da vinci illustrates the sharpness of this struggle by portraying the characters' psychological depiction and dramatic scenes.
  • Concludes that the school of athens and the last supper are highly resembled in pespective technique, but the last supper emphasizes the conflict of justice against the evil.
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