School Lunches: The Health Of School Lunches

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The health of school lunches has been a very controversial topic among students, parents, schools, and the government. Parents want their children to be healthy, but at a low cost. It seems that the “healthier” the school lunches are, the more they cost and the less kids want to eat them. Also, the proportions of food may not be enough to fill the students’ stomachs. Many children also have food allergies and other medical conditions that may need to be accommodated. Many parents feel that the lunches being served to their children are unhealthy and overpriced. Although the government and schools seem to be trying to fix these problems, some parents say they are not making much progress. The health of school lunches is one of the biggest problems.…show more content…
Jeff Reiche, principal at Marathon Elementary School says, “I’ve seen a decrease in the number of kids eating hot lunch and I think it’s due to the serving size. I think for our middle school kids the serving size has really decreased to the point where kids are going home hungry” (Normand). Many students are hungry by the end of the day. Children who participate in extra-curricular activities after school may be even hungrier by the time they get to go home. It is important to keep kids’ stomachs full so they are focused in class and they do not pass out during…show more content…
The kids feel that they are not getting enough food, and the food they do get does not taste very good. Part of these issues are due to the changes being made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Michelle Obama, etc. Parents, on the other hand, are more concerned with the price of the lunches. Parents want to see their children eating healthy lunches, but at a lower price. Many families cannot afford the rising costs of lunch. It seems that many schools are not exactly happy with the new regulations being made by the USDA because many kids are still hungry at the end of the day, and many of them have extra-curricular activities after school. Michelle Obama thinks that cutting portion size is a good way to help with childhood obesity, but by doing this children are just unhealthy and hungry. Many people believe that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is not making a lot of progress in making school lunches healthy and cost efficient. In order to solve these problems, many families choose to have their child bring their own lunch to school. It saves money, and children can be as healthy as they want to
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