School Junk Food Reduces Health of Students

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School lunch started out as a program to help students focus on studies by getting the

best nutrition from a meal at school. According to Julie Lautenschlager, in the book Food Fight,

during World War Two, students were having issues with bad nutrition (61). There was a need

to improve the overall health and ability of a student to concentrate during class. Lunches

started out costing one penny. By the time I got to grade school, lunch was $2.00, and my

mother laid out that money for me to take each day. By the time I got to high school that two

dollars went towards more ice cream sandwiches from the snack stand than actual school

lunch. Given the choice, I chose sugar, as do millions of other students. School lunches are

contributing to the epidemic this country is facing of childhood obesity and negatively

impacting the health of our youth. School lunches are corrupting youth by robbing their bodies

of the nutritional value they need to succeed in their studies.

There are many side effects of a poor diet. Processed foods are part of that equation.

According to the article, “10 Things the Processed Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know,

and Body Ecology’s 2 Powerful Tools to Help You Fight Back!” low Iron and food additives have

been linked to children with ADHD. This article also speaks to how the ingredients in processed

foods cause the human body to become addicted much like a substance abuse addiction. Diets

that include processed meats have also been linked to pancreatic, colon, stomach and breast

cancer. A diet that is not rich in the nutrients the body needs to function, causes problems in

adults and even worse problems in children who are still developing and learning in school...

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