School Is Bad For Children John Holt Analysis

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To say school is bad for children is extremely inaccurate, many children look forward to this as their safe haven. In John Holt 's essay “school is bad for children” he argues that school prevents children from learning what they want and that it enables their curiosity making them become passive learners I found myself disagreeing with his arguments. Holt proposes ideas to reform the school system to make it more favorable for children in which i do agree with partially. School is one of the many things children need to succeed; getting students to work together more efficiently is great but taking students out of the school to learn along with removing compulsory school attendance and required curriculum is not the answer. More one on one…show more content…
Research shows that a national rate of ten percent of students are absent and it could be as high as fifteen percent, meaning that 5 million to 7.5 million students are absent. Not all children are going to like what they have to do but some things are required for a specific reason and this is one of those requirements. Holt says that at “the very least we should modify it perhaps by giving children every year a large number of authorized absences.” (74) I completely disagree with holt. Doing this will not only erupt the student himself but the class and teachers plans. Some might say they make it a law just so they can get their money. Well that money goes towards the school that the student should be in. The student is more likely to get in trouble with law or become a victim of a crime. If he/she misses regularly they will fall behind and they will have a decrease in academic scores. If this were to pass and large numbers of students were not to attend school it would make it “difficult for the teacher and the class to build their skills and progress” (Greatschools Staff) Attendance also prepares the young for later when they become employed it shows that they are reliable and…show more content…
School is a step to success; getting students to come together more and become antisocial but abolishing class is not what should pass along with giving days off and doing away with curriculum is not the answer to helping children. This will not help but only hurt them for the future and hurt our country they will not be prepared and will be lazy. Parents and adults need to help motivate children they can not do it themselves as holt says we should we need guidence. School is a chance before reality where mistakes are allowed and one 's judgment is tested along with responsibility, discipline and moral
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