School Expectations Essay

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Life as a student changes vastly throughout your school career. What you expect of a kindergarten student is not what you expect of a student in high school as I, as every other student, has seen first hand. Each stage of your life as a student corresponds with different workloads and different social expectations. The biggest transformations between these expectations for a student occur between kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. Going from four year old who stays at home a majority of the day to a four year old enrolled in kindergarten there were lots of new expectations placed upon me. I was expected to be able to recall my ABC’s and count to at least 100 by around the fifth month into the school year, and once these goals…show more content…
As a high school student the expectations provided to me by my parents are to have good grades, but more specifically a 4.0 grade point average. This expectation can be seen throughout the entire school body in varying levels. Society has shown us the direct correlation between education and wealth; therefore, as we approach the age of making these important decisions we attempt to take control of our future. Another expectation given to me as a high school student is to do well on the ACT. This is also another common expectation given to high school students throughout society. The higher the education level of school I am in the greater the expectation is put on me for social aspects as well. As seen in kindergarten and elementary school my teachers and parents encourage good behavior and good friendships, and as I have grown older these expectations have remained, but now is tacked on the expectation to have a good relationship with the right people. This would mean to carefully choose my friends and not hang out with the “wrong crowd”, which seems to be a social norm expected by people my age from their parents. As for the consequences, at a younger age for disobeying expectations the consequences were not severe, the consequences now that I am in high school can be though. As the responsibility learned in elementary school builds up so does the consequence