School Dropout Essay

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Education is an element that is the key to success, and today is not taken seriously enough. People are uninterested so they drop-outs in high school and some leave or flunk-out in their first year of college. So, what is it that’s driving students to drop-out? Students spend too much time and stress with a curriculum that they can’t seem to pass or stay motivated with, and the solution is to alter schools so that the students are encouraged and prepared to go forth through college. Knowing what the key issues are and changing the curriculum so that it prepares them for their futures, is what determines the success of government. Dropping-out isn’t what people should have in mind, so what’s driving them to that point? This could be like that…show more content…
Schools are to be opened to 1,000 hours in school and around 180 days. (Hull, 2011) From around the age of five, children begin to learn the basic needs in the public school system. When they reach higher levels, they begin to understand more about how education can be used in real-life. After those early stages, the question “When will we need this in life?” comes to play. Then, the government pushes it until the age of 16, and then the student can choose for his or hers-self. They are pushed to go, and aren’t even sure why. They need to have something to show them how useful school can…show more content…
Students aren’t progressing. (Steinberg, “What’s Holding Back American Teenagers?”) Some students could complain that the system is difficult to pass. ("Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School, According to Their Own Reports.") These reasons are more to put the objectives and concepts into the time spent in high school and middle school-including more basic writing and history objectives could prepare them. This resolves the issue of time working against them since more skills is being assessed in the classroom. The next administration needs to increase and make better use of the money spent on public schools by providing the necessary tools; otherwise it could lead to an economic
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