School Dress Code Is Not The Only Problem

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Recently, students have come together on social media to protest their school 's dress codes. There are thousands of stories all over the internet of teens being shamed, oppressed, and embarrassed by school staff for their clothing. School dress codes today are outdated, sexist, and unfair and need to be amended. I consider this to be an issue in my high school as I have found many of my peers have been a victimized by the school dress code. I have witnessed teachers shouting down hallways full of students to call attention to a girl’s shorts that are shorter than fingertip length. But, in turn, they let boys go an entire day in the school with inappropriate pictures such as naked women or lewd phrases like “Blow Me” on their shirts. This being said, the dress code itself is not the only problem. If a school is going to have a dress code, then they need to enforce it equally. I feel the best way to fix these issues is to update old dress codes. Dress codes started back in 1969 in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District. Students began wearing black armbands to school as a form of protest to the Vietnam War. School officials decided students were not allowed to wear the armbands, and if they refused to remove them upon being asked they would be suspended. Tinker and two other students took the issue all the way to the Supreme Court where they fought for their First Amendment rights. This created the Tinker test. The court judged that schools may ban certain items if they are disruptive in a classroom environment. Things that violated this standard 47 years ago include: boys not wearing belts, not wearing collared shirts, not tucking in their shirts, wearing shirts with any kind of wording or images, and girls wearing sk... ... middle of paper ... ...forcing dress codes also does not allow parents to raise their children as they would like. Parents have to abide by these rules too, which leaves them little control over what their child can wear. As the parent, they should have first say in what their child wears anywhere which is why dress codes are not necessary. Parents do not want their child wearing something they find inappropriate anymore than school officials do. School dress codes today are outdated, sexist, and unfair and need to be amended. Many school dress codes are archaic in comparison to our current generation. They are discriminatory towards lesbians, gays, and transgenders and over sexualize adolescent girls. And, dress codes are a violation to our First and Fourteenth Amendments. The modernization of school dress codes is long overdue, and should accommodate to our present high school students.

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