School Conformity

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I wake up each morning and do the same mundane tasks for hours. Stare at walls. Sit for lengthy periods of time. Think about life. Why am I here? What did I ever do to deserve this fate? Am I ever going to see the light of day again? A bell rings interrupting my thoughts. It's meal time. I stand in line next to similarly dressed persons with worn expressions- dull, tired eyes that are dim like the life was sucked out of them. A lady from behind the counter covers my lunch tray with a dark brown mush and adds a slab of stale bread. I sit down at a table under the watchful eyes of guards. Meal time is the only time I'm allowed to interact with others. We've tried to escape, but the guards outside with guns lead us back in. They tell us we have to stay here, we're not allowed to leave, ever. We haven't talked about escaping since then, instead we cherish the freedom we've been given and talk about other things that won't make the guards angry. I don't want to make the guards angry, they're scary. The bell rings, signaling the end of my freedom. Everyone heads back to their rooms and continues to do the same routine. Stare at walls. Sit for lengthy periods of time. Think about life. Why am I trapped in this prison? Schools are prisons. Prisons that house unruly and conforming prisoners. Prisons that brainwash maleable minds with government propoganda, hoping that they will grow up to be a mindless drone that does whatever they say. Schools support complete conformity over individuality when it should be opposite. Both prisons and schools force you to lose your individuality and instead conform to authority. Prisons require you to wear a prison uniform, while schools often have strict dress codes or even a unifor... ... middle of paper ... ...hers just like you. You will "learn" how to behave and participate in a civilized community life, even if you don't want to (Source D). You willl have no individuality and you will have reached our ultimate goal- to become a perfect, brainwashed citizen. Remember, you are all equal and will do as we say (Source F). School isn't about finding your individuality, expressing yourself, or learning about your passion and exciting your creativity and imagination. School is about the opposite, conformity. School expects you to learn the same way, even if you have a different learning style. School expects you to learn the standard, even though the standard won't help you in reality. School isn't about becoming an individual and learning about what you want to learn, it's about becoming a good brainwashed citizen. Remember students, this is your prison; you can't escape.
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