School Attendance Improvement Essay

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have you ever noticed there is always more that one student missing in every one of you clases? in my school its always the same people , and i can 't help but wonder are these students passing? i want to know why attendance is such a problem in secondary school , i also wonder if other schools have this problem or is it just steinmetz and what are these students reasons for missing so much school. does these absences affect our school. and lastly what can we do to stop this all these questions intrigued me to do some reasearch and share it with you . when a student is absent without an excuse from a class 3 times in a school year the student becomes truant(school attendance improvement strategies,1). being late to class for more than 30…show more content…
we are told the consequences at the beginning of freshman year and then never again which is not helpful because we forget. we also need to keep accurate records and monitor attendance better(School Attendance Improvement Strategies,1) if students know they are being watched there less likely to…show more content…
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