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I am very proud of myself for going back to school and finishing my degree, however that excitement comes with many bouts of worry. What began as pure excitement has led to many days and nights of worry. I have asked myself these questions several times. What were you thinking, where you going through a mid life crisis?
I had a good life. Well it was a comfortable life anyway. It included a job I had been at for seventeen and half years. Insurance on me and my children that was not real expensive. Yet I was not satisfied. I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of working with children. I started that journey once before, but then decided to get married. I took a job at the courthouse and fell into that daily routine.
That journey continued for many years yet still I wanted more. Then one day I had a thought about going back to school and finishing my degree. I would finally be able to live out my dream. I already had an associate degree so hopefully it would not take me long. I decided to go back to school. The search was on. What university could I attend that would allow me to keep my current schedule? I came across WGU. This was absolutely perfect I had found a university that would allow me to continue working yet finish my degree. I would apply for financial aid, continue working, and start paying the loan back once I was finished. I knew this would be very difficult. It would be hard to hold a full time job, take care of a family, and complete all the required homework. It would be difficult, but I was willing to make sacrifices to finally finish my degree and work somewhere that would bring me happiness. I love working with children and I could not wait to do that every day. It ...

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...s. I can’t wait to complete this goal and start helping my husband provide for our family again.
I continue to keep pushing forward toward my goal. I feel great accomplishment in making it this far. WGU has provided me with such high standards to go out and shape the students into stronger learners. I feel WGU has shaped me into a highly qualified leader. The university has provided me with proper knowledge to make sure students perform to the best of their abilities. Even though there are bumps in the road I feel confident and highly qualified by what WGU has instilled in me. I have been provisionally accepted into the January 2014 cohort and can’t wait to start this journey. It gives me great pleasure to know I have come this far. WGU has provided me with the instilled knowledge and teaching styles I can use to become an accredited teacher.
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