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Project 150 is an amazing organization. They are a charity that works to provide necessary materials for students who can’t afford them. They recognize that being a high school student is not easy. Project 150 works to make it a bit easier for many students who may be struggling through ‘tougher than usual’ circumstances. From what I've seen they have a mission to try and not only help but also guide students to a brighter future. They provide the opportunity for students to succeed even when the odds are against them. Unfortunately, there is a fairly common problem in our community. Hundreds of students are going to school knowing that school lunch may be the only meal they eat that day. They leave school knowing they have no place to go. Its a sad situation but there is hope. That is where project 150 steps in; they provide numerous resources and supplies in order to help and support them. They provide things like clothing, food, and even school supplies. Prom and Homecoming are traditional events at almost every school in Southern Nevada, but there are many students who are not be able to attend due to financial circumstances. Project 150 allows students to have a much more ‘normal’ school experience by providing things like homecoming and prom outfits. Project 150 is therefore giving these students a chance to be involved in these school activities that would have otherwise not even been an option. This is just one example of how this organization represents the generosity of the community; they are doing it simply to make someone else’s life a little easier.Because they are a non-profit establishment they are not in it in order to end up with any financial gain. An education is one of the most important things you can ha... ... middle of paper ... ...e automated phone calls made by the schools.They could put up flyers in local stores and malls. Those would be my suggestions for more awareness of Project 150’s mission. As far as awareness of the problem it would be along the same lines. If they were to get public figures to address the problem or possibly get the news to do a segment on it, it would make a great impact. As with all things nowadays social media would be essential. Nearly everybody has some type of social media account and outreach through those outlets could prove to be very beneficial in getting the public’s attention on this issue. If project 150 were to succeed in making a large number of people aware of the situation then it could lead to not only more resources, but also more innovative ideas in reference to how we could get Project 150’s mission across to hundreds of other students in need.
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