Scholars Cup Essay: The World Scholar's Cup?

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The World Scholar’s Cup
According to Wikipedia, The World Scholar’s Cup was associated by DemiDec and established by Daniel Berdichevsky, the president of DemiDec. The Cup consists of many activities which involve bringing students together from different countries to participate in a program where they would have to take part in different things to develop skills in it. Other than being a program which encourages unity, it is much more than that.
The world scholar’s cup is initially an academic program invented to encourage unity amongst different races and share perspectives on different topics on the economy, the world’s main issues and a lot of interesting and appropriate topics which are all presented in different kinds of ways. For example,
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The subjects it offers subjects with main topics to each of them and what the WSC includes are history, science, literature, special area, arts and music, and social studies. All of these are presented by the WSC community to attract attention from children and young adults to take part of the program. The subjects are meant to be interesting and suitable for the age between the childhood adolescence ranges. The WSC has always been a program which introduces different kinds of ways to solve problems and encourage unity amongst different races. It includes a lot of teamwork during the process and a lot of skills can be learnt such as leadership skills, learning to respect one another and also caring about other people’s thoughts as well. Children from 40 different countries participate in this cup to attract what it’s called “a global community of future scholars and leaders". In the words of a participant, the WSC is a competition where one is given the…show more content…
It is set to offer different varieties to its participants to encourage the wanting to learn and the need to gain knowledge. If I myself was a participant, I would be very interested in trying different things and have different objectives and goals. It would help one become open minded and think outside the box. It helps one in difficult situations and also to increase creativity skills which are very well needed in academic subjects in school. The World Scholars Cup encourages one to take part in lots of public speaking as it wants one to be more confident and to overcome the fear of speaking out and to overcome ones fear of speaking in public. This would be needed to help a student or anyone have self confidence as the world today really needs a speaker who can reveal the truth and also lead. Leadership skills are very beneficial to have more people who can sort out problems and to make a difference in their work. The Cup does not just help increase ones academic attributes but would also benefit in social skills. A student would learn how to communicate better and also develop more ideas into starting conversations. This skill is very important for school students to excel as the key is to speak

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