Scholarly Article Analysis

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The article I chose for my scholarly article analysis was more than straight forward as it is called “Friedrich Nietzsche.” The author is Paul Carus, a German-American author who lived between the late 19th/early 20th century. As for how I decided on this particular article, I knew I wanted to find an essay that was as close to a good academic article on Friedrich Nietzsche. Not possessing an advanced degree in philosophy, I assumed that the article database of JSTOR (known for its broad “humanities” slant) would, most likely, be a good place to begin. The keyword of “Friedrich Nietzsche” yielded pages of articles, each of which focused on Nietzsche and yet some went on really off the grid tangents on what I was looking for. I found an article written by Carus that gave a descriptive/analytical slant on Friedrich Nietzsche. So, wishing to acquire a firmer grasp on the great philosopher, and (if I’m being honest with myself) having a thirst for knowledge I sought out Carus’s essay would at least defend me from suffering the agony of not earning that thirst for knowledge.
The int...
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