Schizophrenia and Auditory processing

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Auditory Processing and Schizophrenia
Auditory hallucination is a fundamental presentation observed in patients suffering from schizophrenia. It is one of the frequently occurring symptoms considered to be disabling in schizophrenia, but despite vast and numerous organized studies undertaken in this area in order to comprehend the pathophysiology of auditory hallucination, little success has been realized, and it remains to be complex in research, understanding, and expressing the knowledge accrued (Kaprinis, 2008.) The auditory processing in schizophrenia seems to be different from that of normal individuals because patients inflicted with this mental illness complain of voices deep inside their heads. The voices are described as coming from an external source and are extremely disturbing to patients who lack anycontrol over them. The abnormal auditory processing is, therefore, attributed to cause the diffused personality in the patients in regard that they cannot delineate what is virtual and real in their perception of both the external and the internal environment. Their control of perceived stimuli is aberrant and very weak making the auditory hallucinations and auditory processing in patients suffering from schizophrenia a principal symptom which must be understood in order to assist these patients (Kaprinis, 2008). Hearing of voices which are nonexistent in schizophrenics occurring in the absence of auditory stimuli is considered pathology in the auditory perception because it is not what happens in healthy individuals. Several theories have been advanced in an attempt to explain and understand the phenomenon, but they are inadequate, and further research is still required in this area. The auditory processing has been s...

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