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On google, the definition for schizophrenia say, “Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses; Act normally in social situations.” Schizophrenia is not the easiest disorder for any family member to deal with when someone in their own family has it. Any disorder can put a decent amount of stress and on any human being, this does not mean that shutting that person out of your life forever will help solve the problem; because it will simple not help anyone. What any person should do in a situation that has a loved one with a disorder like this would be to first identify one hundred percent that the person truly has the symptoms and signs of the disorder. Then seek medical help and learn as much information as one can possibly do. Even if there is a treatment, but it will not cure the person completely it will benefit everyone in the long run because it will make life simpler and it will not put so much stress on loved ones and they can lead a happy, fulfilling life.
A documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Show that can also be found on YouTube of a girl with schizophrenia named January “Jani” Schofield was diagnosed with this disorder at the age of six years old in 2009. Since Jani was showing the signs of schizophrenia they had to take her out of school when she was in the first grade. Because Jani did not have the right social skill to be around other children and then at times Jani would be too much of a handful for her teachers and they would spend more attention and energy on her and not the other students. Slowly, her parents put her back in to the school system, but it was not with other children and she did not go ...

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...t mean the hallucinations will go away for good, it will simply control the delusions and hallucinations. If a schizophrenic is unable to take medication or chooses not to take it, there is another option. They can do, it is called a cognitive behavioral therapy. “Reporting Feb. 6 in The Lancet, British researchers say that the treatment can help ease patients' psychotic symptoms and boost their personal and social functioning” (Robert Preidt February 2014). For a schizophrenic to go to therapy will help them accomplish everyday tasks such as, cooking, cleaning, and everyday grooming. Therapy will also encourage the patient to have weekly goals they can accomplish or working on their social skills with their friends and family and even people they work with. Giving them limits of what they can do so they do not feel so overwhelmed with everyday tasks can also help.
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