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In today’s society, we have people living and interacting with us everyday that might have a psychological disorder and we don’t even know it. After watching MTV’s True Life episode, “I Have Schizophrenia,” it gives a person a in depth look into people’s lives around us and how they deal with different aspects of schizophrenia in their everyday lives and the impacts it has on other people around them.

All three people, Josh, Amber, and Ben, in this episode all have varying degrees of schizophrenia. This is a very devastating and incurable illness. Schizophrenia is where a person has a chemical imbalance in their brain, which in return makes them think that the delusions they are having are real and their thinking is disordered. Each person was affected in a different sort of way.

First Josh heard voices and he refused to take medication even if it might not allow him to wake up for over twelve hours at a time and he did not want any doctors help. Instead he wanted to self medicate himself by smoking pot which in turn sometimes worsened the paranoia and delusions he was havi...
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