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Some schizophrenics manage to hold jobs and battle mental illness at the same time. Researchers, believes that work activities and socializations are important goals for psychiatric treatments. The more schizophrenics keep themselves active the mind would have less opportunity to retaliate against voices. Work activities will help schizophrenics to learn and improve on their job experience, which will help to reduce psychotic thoughts and behaviors through physical work. Schizophrenics may seem abnormal sometimes at work but most of them are intelligent and reliable to their tasks. According to researchers, in the 1950s and 1960s mental institutions changed the rules of work activities for mental patients because psychiatric patients had fallen victims for cheap labors.

People with mental illness should have the same opportunities as normal people to hold jobs and not be discriminated. Some, employers take advantage of people with mental disorders such as yelling or insulting them in front of co-workers. This can sometimes cause schizophrenics to become depressed or violent towards one ’s self or others. There is no reason why schizophrenics should not hold jobs because medications help to stabilize the brain from malfunctioning. Employers should not intervene with employees medical recorders unless there is an emergency. All employees should have equal rights and privileges to work in a comfortable atmosphere without criticisms. Regardless, of disabilities employers should give everyone a chance and respect them for attempting to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

How Family Members are affected by Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness anyone with this condition should seek help from a mental health professionals. There is no way to stop schizophrenia from developing in families due to family history relatives should always be aware of the illness because it is likely to happen to anyone. Schizophrenics will always doubt themselves because the brain is lack of reality. People with this illness have problems understanding what is happening in the real world due to their concentrations on voices in their heads. Theses voices dictates schizophrenics lives one will sometimes walk in the middle of traffic or throw objects unto others. The treatment provides to schizophrenics are extraordinary but schizophrenics must seek life long treatment which is necessary for a full recovery.