Schindler's List as An Accurate Documentation of the Holocaust

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Schindler's List as An Accurate Documentation of the Holocaust

World War II is considered one of the most costly wars in all history. The number

of soldiers killed in battle is immense. These soldiers died fighting to protect the free

world. This war is also considered one of the most costly wars because of all the people

who were killed during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a tragedy to the people living

in Germany and surrounding countries, because of the massive amount of people who

were killed. Even though this tragedy has caused lots of grief to families who were torn

apart and killed, there was a man who risked his life to save the Jews. This man's name is Oskar Schindler. Steven Spielberg has attempted to document his life during the Second

World War. The movie Schindler's List demonstrates an accurate documentation of

World War II and the Holocaust from a modern director's interpretation, and it is a good

tool for teaching students about the Holocaust.

On September 28, 1938, the leaders of Europe met in Munich to discuss Hitler's

advances on Western Europe. The leaders that attended were British Prime Minister

Chamberlain, French Premier Daladier and German Riechschancellor Hitler. That night

Hitler threatened Europe with war, which Chamberlain and Daladier backed down to,

allowing Germany to take the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia (Woggon Timeline). With

this act of appeasement, the Brits and the French allowed Nazi Germany to begin its

World conquest. A year later Hitler began his invasion of Poland, and he overtook the

country within weeks. This began the Second World War.

Nazi Germany's army was a force to be reckoned with; not only were they

fighting machines, they were th...

... middle of paper ... List, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, and ?First

They Came For the Jews.?

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