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Scenario 2 – The first obvious fix would have been for everyone to agree to a few norms for the meeting. One being to use “I” statements instead of “you” statements. The teacher everyone was upset with might have responded a bit differently had she not felt attacked by the team. Another fix, although it was tried, was a mediator. Maybe if the mediator had been someone other than an administrator, for instance a counselor, the teacher would have been more open to listening to the team. Having an administrator present possibly made her feel as if her job was in jeopardy. Along with the use of I statements the mediator needed to ensure everyone had a chance to speak and actively listen. Active listening does not mean you agree with the…show more content…
As an administrator the first thing I would have done was ensure I did not have a husband/wife team. I have worked in districts where immediate family was not allowed to work on the same campus. Barring that, a faculty meeting should have been called to address the issue. Obviously, this involved many problems of confidentiality, but had the incident been addressed, instead of being ignored, some of the rumor would have been shut down. In addition, the students and teachers involved in the schedule changes needed to be addressed. During this conflict the advanced placement students were told they were moving to the new teachers’ class before the teacher was even told, preventing her from being able to lessen the stress for the students during the transition. Empathy for all parties concerned would have benefited all portions of the…show more content…
The only portion of the conflict the principal could have effected was the rumors and retaliation against the teacher who brought the matter to his attention. Your staff is comprised of adults and will make their own decisions as to professional behavior both on and off campus. I am sure no one had ever considered the need to discuss affairs among the staff. Once the matter was brought to the principal’s attention he needed to call the involved parties into his office and communicated a strategy for future behavior including how they behaved around one another. He most certainly should not have disclosed the identity of the person who came forward. Empathy for the person who chose to come forward and understanding their point of view in making that decision would help prevent the retaliatory attitude of the principal. Additionally, the teachers involved in the affairs needed to be documented and moved to a new campuses, not the teacher who came

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