Scapegoating Towards Minorities

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In his essay “Causes of Prejudice,” Vincent N. Parrillo states,

Blaming others for something that is not their fault is known as scapegoating [also called “blaming the victim”]. . . .There have been many instances throughout world history of minority groups serving as scapegoats. . . History is filled with examples of people who thought their maltreatment of others was just and necessary (Parrillo, Rereading America, 391, 387). The kind of scapegoating that Parrillo is talking about is when a dominant group treats a subordinate group poorly, because of their religious beliefs are against it, or they have been brought up to believe they are superior. When people have an ideology that they are superior and go to imperialize or colonize a certain area, the people that got colonized would not have a say on anything other than follow what they are being told or there is going to be consequences like being killed or being punished. It will be either they follow the rules or there is going to be consequences. An example of this is when white people were oppressing the blacks during slavery. The whites believed that blacks were inferior which made them “feel justified in discriminating against them” (387). Other examples similar to this are how the

Another example of scapegoating is discussed by Studs Terkel; in his essay “C.P. Ellis” In which Ellis was trying to find someone to blame for his problems as a working- class white male. So began to blame African-Americans for his financial problems. Since he had some influences from his dad about the Ku Klux Klan, and how “it was the savior of the white people . . . and the only organization that would take care of white people” (400). For this reason Ellis began to admire the Klan and jo...

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Global Warming is blown way out of proportion and heavily exaggerated in order to purse the underling and real agenda, which is the hate of Capitalism.

Modern scapegoating

We can clearly see how in the early days during slavery the blacks were stereotyped, the whites used to perform Minstrel shows imitating and stereotyping black people of how uneducated, and all negative things they felt about them. In the media, they also portray most of the black people as violent; all this stereotyping would cause people to scapegoat the black community. This is because people are over generalizing the member of the community to what they are not, or even blaming them for things that others have done.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how parrillo's essay, "causes of prejudice," describes scapegoating when a dominant group treats subordinate groups poorly, because of their religious beliefs, or they have been brought up to believe they are superior.
  • Analyzes how studs terkel's essay "c.p. ellis" shows how ellis blames african-americans for his financial problems. he admires the ku klux klan and joins it.
  • Analyzes how ellis began to form friendships with african-americans and other hated groups; he came to understand more about prejudice based on economic class.
  • Analyzes how scapegoating occurred during the 17th century, when white people thought of black people as inferior and not of equal status.
  • Explains that scapegoating occurs when the education standards in the intuition lower, and some people in authority tend to lay the blame in certain categories of racial groups. this creates the impression that the blacks are not a good as the whites
  • Explains that doing scapegoating distracts the majority's attention from the true cause of distress. some politicians lay blame for their mismanagement like the tsunamis and katrina’s.
  • Explains that blacks and latino youth are treated more harshly in the juvenile justice system than there white peers. the media and politicians promote their own personal agendas at the expense of the generation under the age of majority.
  • Analyzes how global warming is blown out of proportion and heavily exaggerated in order to purse the underling and real agenda, which is the hate of capitalism.
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