Scandals: Sex in Media

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January 31st 2010, Liam Richardson; a 7 year old boy who self proclaimed himself as the biggest John Terry fan, turned on the TV in the morning and broke down in tears seeing the news. He did not eat food for days because he was dejected and could not believe it. The news read, “John Terry in sex scandal with Team-mates wife; resulting in further less chances for England at the World Cup”. Liam took off all the John Terry posters off his wall. At that age, he couldn’t have possibly comprehend what happened, but he would always remember it. Liam was just one of the many others who were affected by the news. Liam, like many other England National team fans felt that all hopes of them winning the 2010 World Cup just went away with that news. Football, I believe is a universal sport in every way: people of all ages, all genders and all nationalities follow it. The audience, making football stars gods, considers football a religion, and look up to them for motivation and inspiration; also, making them vulnerable and sentimental to scandals and controversies. The media, looking to exploit that vulnerability, expand and emphasize on a controversies so the audience have something to watch, and react to. It is not just the audience that is affected by the media but also the soccer professionals, teams and their families. A recent controversy that happened was the scandal of Olivier Giroud, a French national and Arsenal club player. On February 16th 2014, a few hours before an all-important clash with rivals Liverpool, Giroud, through twitter admitted on cheating on his wife and having sexual relationships with model Celia Kay. (Metro)The news rattled the footballing world. There was a huge twitter and Facebook outrage; but I honestly bel... ... middle of paper ... ...llagher, I., Chapman, A., & Millbank, J. (2010, January 30). John Terry made Wayne Bridge's girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel pregnant - and England captain then arranged for abortion. Mail Online. Retrieved , from Sullivan, M., Syson, N., & Crick, A. (2010, February 3). JT girl’s flings with 5 Chelsea stars. The Sun. Retrieved , from Tucker, C. "Sex in the Media: A Subtle Perpetrator." (2009): n. pag. Radford University. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. John Terry in sex scandal with team-mate's WAG. (2010, January 30). ESPNFC. Retrieved , from

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