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Sayyid Qutb was a prominent Islamic thinker known to the world and fundamentally researched in the West. Many have attempted to understand the ideologies that Qutb followed that lead him to become such a radical Islamic thinker. The radical ideology that Qutb followed has been associated with terrorist organizations that exist today. He spent most of his life developing his ideological way of thinking. He was seen as being radical but when his ideology is put against others within the same category it is easy to see that they are very similar. For Qutb growing up in a small village left a huge impact on his outlook and ideologies for the future, which lead him to his most influential work. Sayyid Qutb Ibrahim Hussayn Shadhili was born on …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that qutb's father would take him to the mosque to pray five times a day, and he memorized the qur'an by the age of 10 (shepard).
  • Explains that qutb's education started when he was six and was sent to a modern primary school instead of the traditional 'kuttab', which focused solely on religion and teaching the qur'an.
  • Analyzes how qutb moved to cairo to enroll in a teachers training college, but realized he wanted to further his education. he graduated from the preparatory course in 1929 and formally enrolled in dar al ‘ulum in 1930.
  • Explains that qutb was sent to the united states in hopes that what he learned about the western education system would help align his political views with the ministry's.
  • Analyzes how qutb was shocked at how american culture revolved around materialism and rudeness. he thought that america had no faith in religion or spiritual values.
  • Explains that qutb returned to egypt after the assassination of hassan al-banna, founder of the nationalist and religious movement known as the muslim brotherhood.
  • Explains that sayyid qutb was a prominent islamic thinker known to the world and fundamentally researched in the west.
  • Explains that qutb believed that the government under nasir's rule would be closely rooted to islamic ideologies.

In the essay he writes about his experiences while in America. Qutb was shocked at how American culture revolved around materialism and rudeness. He did not understand how the new world was full of so much power but not full of people who were looking for something more than power or money. He was once had respect for America but after his trip his views changed. Qutb thought that America had no faith in religion or spiritual values (A Lesson In Hate). He expressed these feelings in his essay and constantly mentioned how America is inexhaustible of material resources, strength and manpower (Qutb). He knew that America was full of opportunities, but that the people living in America did not have the same amount of quality as America itself. In his essay “The America I Have Seen” Qutb writes: “In summary, anything that requires a touch of elegance is not for the American, even haircuts! For there was not one instance in which I had a haircut there when I did not return home to even with my own hands what the barber had wrought.” Witnessing what he had in America it only pushed Qutb to follow the path of Islam more and to find out his duty to Allah (The Lives of the Two Revivers, p

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