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Saving the World - Symantec
Reading the case study about Symantec’s and their virus hunters is right in line with learning the fundamentals of management. Symantec is a company that is dealing with all facets of managing and running a company in today’s world (Robbins, Decenzo, & Coulter, 2013). They have many issues that are valid in today’s business world, global management, technology, diversity and cultural differences. Managing a business in a global environment is today’s management challenge, requiring all who expect to lead to learn how best to communicate, direct, plan and see their company through the eyes of multiple cultures.
In researching cultural differences in management, an article about one man’s own career journey seems to be in line with all that we have been studying this week. This quote exhibits his view on managing in a multi-cultural environment. "In this world, all individuals are really the same except their difference in perspective, behavior and viewpoints. One needs to appreciate each of them to exploit their assets in terms of potential, abilities and character" (Revanna, 2007). This is a unique way to state we all are very different but we need to appreciate those differences as we manage, learn and grow.
The case study about Symantec is befitting to study because they truly have every aspect of managing in a global economy. They are managing globally, with issues regarding technology and hackers trying to create viruses on a continual basis. There are not a lot of companies that have to deal with every challenge of today’s business climate.
Multi-national businesses must manage teams across all time zones. This presents a unique demand for managers in that they must b...

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Symantec is a company that is leading in best practices for their employees and clients. They should continue with their forward thinking and practices and are a role model for other companies that are maturing into a global market. One final remark taken from Mohan is to be flexible enough to see that if the American way of approaching a situation is not working, then try another approach, whether it be Asian or another cultures practice (Revanna, 2007). There is never a hard and fast rule for what is right, do what works the best. Caring about the employees, regardless of how it relates to the company will make a business successful.

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