Saving Sheep

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Do you own sheep and have problems because they die from unnatural causes such as coyotes or wolves? Sheep can also die from diseases like scrapies. If you do own sheep, they could be a major part of your income depending on how many sheep you own and what other income you make. So losing sheep could be really detrimental to your economic goals what you will be able do later in life. Sheep die from a variety of causes such as: wild animals, old age, disease, an error in giving birth, and much more which can really narrow down your herd. There are many ways to save your sheep from these causes such as: using llamas to protect them, guard dogs, and medicinal remedies.

Llamas can be used to protect your sheep by scaring away and fighting with coyotes which is a major cause of dying sheep. Many people have never heard of this method of protecting sheep and still many have not believed it after they have heard it. Take this for example; a coyote lurks around your sheep herd spotting which one is going to be its meal for the day, then, the sheeps’ protector lets out a strange cry and runs toward the fence scaring the coyote away. William Franklin surveyed ranchers using llamas to protect their sheep and said that, “llamas seem to be earning their keep. More than half of the llama owners he contacted reported 100 percent reduction in their predator losses after employing the animal as a guard.” which proves how well llamas can protect your herd from coyotes.

Another way to stop sheep from dying from coyotes and wolves would be to use guard dogs such as the Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd breeds. You have probably seen a Great Pyrenees dog, they’re the big white fluffy dogs that you see most sheep farmer have. This dog is o...

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