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In the movie Saved, the main character, Mary, comes to the conclusion after weeks of physical ailment that she may either be pregnant or have cancer. As she comes back from the store with home pregnancy test in hand, she thinks to herself that she would rather have cancer than be pregnant. She hopes for this because she is far too intimidated by how her peers and family may judge her if they find out she had taken part in premarital sex. While it has become fairly common for people to go to absolute extremes to cover up their immoral deeds, political leaders and others in powerful positions have particularly developed this characteristic. Judgment and gossip have become such a major part of our culture that people have become increasingly paranoid that every movement they make is analyzed and ridiculed by those around them. Our society has become this way by influence of the media, which has provided such an intense, detailed, and constant view into the lives of celebrities through many outlets such as magazines, television and the Internet. This overexposure to media has influ...
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