Save Them Before It's Too Late: The Struggle to Leave an Abusive Spouse

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Do you know how spousal abuse affects a family or the people suffering it? Every day people of both genders are beaten verbally, emotionally, and physically due to their spouses. In these abusive relations the victim often has family that they care too much about to leave them, and the pain and fear they face is unreal.
“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main resources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” –Bertrand Russell. To sum up how the abused feel is unfathomable due to everything they go through. The beating, the hiding, the fear, and the vulnerability these people go through day to day fearing to say anything because their abuser may find out and take their anger out on them. The newlyweds, Roberta and Hank, went to a local church and were Christians together. As their marriage continued many of Roberta’s friends began to see something different in her and she refused to tell anyone not even the pastor. It was soon found out that Roberta was being abused by Hank and feared for her life to say anything. (Paulsell, 34) Fear is a constant struggle in an abusive relationship, and it puts a lot of stress on that single individual to make sure their family is safe along with themselves. In the movie Safe Haven a women named Katie, is at a friend’s house when her husband comes back and lights the house on fire when Kristen, the friend’s kid, is in the house. As her husband begins to attack her she fights back so she can rescue Kristen because she’s her family and she loves her

2 as her own. Katie risks her life trying to save Kristen and ends up killing her own husband to get to her. Katie originally didn’t want to make friends so she won’t hurt anyone because she feared and knew in t...

... middle of paper ... kind of pain someone who is abused, they feel betrayed because the person they once loved and married isn’t the person they were made out to be. They’re emotionally hurt and scarred for life and probably won’t be able to love someone without difficulty because of their past with abuse.
Spousal abuse is something that predominately affects a family in every way, there is always fear that the abuser will explode and begin beating one of them. Usually the victim will try and find a way to get their family out but there is always the possibility that the abuser would follow them and when they find them possibly even kill them. Those who are abused don’t have a voice so they live in fear and try to protect those around them but sometimes it’s not enough. So in the back of their minds they know the less they know the fewer casualties that they have to carry with them.
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