Savagery vs Civilization in Our Society

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Today’s society is an undercurrent of savagery. Human nature is savage because society influences the ‘evil’ that is within us at birth. Civilization is what causes savagery to erupt. Murder cases, rape, theft and wars are all prime examples of savage behaviour portrayed through violence. This is why I believe humans are capable of being savages in their own lives. Humans receive the capability of becoming savages by the effects of wars, participation of gangs in societies, and humans killing their own species.

Initially, savagery is portrayed through the abomination of war. A prime example of this is in an article called, “Syrian Government’s Forces Gain, but a Siege War Goes On” (Barnard), it explains the civil war that is currently going on in Syria because of an ongoing conflict between the people of Syria who want to abolish the Syrian Government. This is significant, because war makes people act vicious and barbaric while causing mass destruction in countries. War also involves the killing of thousands of people which makes people act savage and gives them the desire to kill and destruct. Moreover, I have also noticed how war makes people become savages in my own experience by watching footage of war, I often feel thrilled, and I feel like adrenaline is pumping through my body as I watch massive machines in the middle of the ocean shooting thousands of rounds at each other. I believe that it’s a natural sense to want to experience that savage behavior even if I don't like pain or the thought of killing other people. There's just something about destruction that is appealing. To conclude, it is clear that the horror of war causes humans to act like savages in their own lives.

Secondly, gangs can be a cause to being savages...

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...ngst humans in our own lives. These reasons clearly state that although civilization keeps society in order, savagery still has a big impact on civilization today in an overwhelming number of ways.

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