Saul's Tragedy

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The plot summary is about a man named Saul who was courageous in battle. He was a generous king. Early in his reign he was admired and respected by the people. However, his life turned into a tragedy for one reason. Saul did not trust in God. Saul and his servant had just left the Land of Benjamin because they were in search for Saul’s father asses. Saul had figured that they could not find them and wanted to turn back to tell his father, but his servant suggested otherwise. The servant had suggested that they go see a well-known prophet in the city of Israel. So instead they venture off to the city of Israel and encountered the prophet.
When Saul and his servant came across Prophet Samuel’s path they caught each other’s attention. The day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed to Samuel that a man from the land of Benjamin will come to him and the man will be anointed as ruler over God’s people of Israel. That man will deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines. Prophet Samuel anoints Saul as king, even though Saul never wanted to be king in the first place.
The play opens at the beginning of the war between the Philistines and the Israelites around the year 1007 B.C. at Mount Gilboa in Israel. The skene represents the battlefield of the war. The chorus is composed of experienced middle-age warriors from the Philistine’s army. The chorus is the men who truly honor the codes of war. In addition, the chorus is the one who witness how King Saul’s pride gets the best of him as they watch his death from a distance. The prologue begins with King Saul’s men waiting for the Philistines to attack (entering the scene). Before the war King Saul gives his army a rousing speech that encourages them to do battle, even though he knows th...

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...oolish, and War is a waste. War is brother, War is dad, War is mother crying, and War is sad. War is death, War is tears, and Wars don't end. They last for years!
[The face of death appears on King Saul’s face]
Chorus: Look! [Mocking King Saul] Here he is, this great king. Lying on the ground eating dirt, just like the worms. Ha! Ha! Ha!
King Saul: I will not be ridicule, by you tyrants!
Chorus: Time to meet your same fate as so did your sons. [Mocking King Saul] Oh great, valiant, noble king any last words?
[As King Saul struggles, he stands and looks up]
King Saul: [Looks at his armor-bearer] If you will not do it then I will do it myself! I rather die by my own hands instead of these rotten maggots!
Armor-bearer: [cries out] My King! No do not do it!
[As King Saul looks up at the sky, he chuckles]
King Saul: Funny, I never wanted to be king in the first place.
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