Saudi English Leaners

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Although the history of English teachings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extends to nearly eighty years, where it was initially in 1348 - 1927, and it has gone through many developmental stages and key stations, spread of 1346 - 1944 to the present time. Saudi Arabia mobilized their abilities to support teaching English. Students from middle school to high school are exposed to the English language up to more than 800 teaching hours. In spite of all of that, the final outcome confirms that in the end of education year, the ability of the Saudi students in the English language is at its lowest levels; students are unable to make a brief conversation in English, and have no ability to understand the text of short reading or writ short article. According to some studies the average collection rate year for the middle school is (34.15%), and in the high schools is(31%).1 ( )

Faced with this unsatisfactory situation we find ourselves in need to answer two major questions: Where the fault lies? What led to that linguistic miserable situation? The answer for these questions, leads us to focus on the obstacles that Saudi students faced in learning English. There are many obstacles that have conducted to the creation of this educational linguistic problem. The reasons behind these obstacles can be divided into four major categories; Teacher, Students, Social reality, and the Context. In this short research I would like to have a short discussion of each category and the reasons behind it.

Students: teaching methods and learning materials are not adequate. A learner may also not know what they should study to learn English.

There are many reasons why Saudi English learners have such a difficult time learning the language...

... middle of paper ... English, they have to reconsider their priorities and plans of that teaching programs. They need to reduce the concentration on the abstract teaching to the applied teaching.

Hence, in the first two years of the college, focus should be on raising the students' proficiency level in the four language skills;listening, speaking, writing, and reading. In line with this, the focus should be also on teaching methods,and learning theories. As such in the third year, students should be given advanced materials in teaching methods, and also allow students to conduct and perform actual experiments with students to explore how the practical realities of teaching English. Last year, beside the advanced teaching materials, students should be ready for practical education to spend a full academic year in schools for training in all grades.
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