Saturn Case Study Of General Motors

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Between 1982 – 2009, the birth of an idea to design a revolutionary new compact vehicle in the United States was brought to fruition by General Motors. The project was named “Saturn”. This idea was formed by an internal group of privately employee-owned company. General Motors purchased the idea and announced it November 1983.
In the mid-1980s, GENERAL MOTORS released the Saturn Concept Car. In 2009, the company was dissolved.

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The Saturn Story 2
What Motivated General Motors 2
Manufacturing Strategy and Innovation 2
The Evolution of Saturn 3
Product and Service Strategy 5
Key Successes and Achievements 5
Major Disappointments and Challenges 6

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The manufacturing strategy was innovative, the use of automation and introduction of the just-in-time methodology was to increase efficiencies and decrease waste. The concept was to create all parts in house, which would reduce cost. Professor David Cole. Director of the Office of the Study of Automotive Transportation at the University of Michigan, research estimated one of the key manufacturing success factors if achievable was reducing the time to produce a single vehicle. His predictions would have reduced the current General Motor’s labor hours by 85% and their competitors by 70%. This innovation would have been groundbreaking not only giving General Motors a competitive advantage but enough products to meet required quota for financial…show more content…
It was designed for efficiencies by a core team of employees, to reduce time away from stations, there was strategic placement of parking lots to eliminate more than a five-minute walk and loading docks to ensure delivery directly to work areas.
THE EVOLUTION OF SATURN From 1982 to 2009, Saturn experienced some early successes but General Motors made some decisions that would change the trajectory of the company.
1982 GENERAL MOTORS establishes a small car study named after the rocket that carried Americans to the moon.
1983 GENERAL MOTORS chairman Roger Smith announces plans to create a subcompact import fighter.
1984 The first Saturn prototype is completed.
1985 Saturn Corporation is incorporated as a GENERAL MOTORS subsidiary and Spring Hill, Tennessee, is chosen as a plant site. Joseph Sanchez dies three weeks after he’s named Saturn’s first
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