Satan Sympathetic?

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From the very beginning of time, many people believe that Satan is evil because they weren’t taught otherwise, but john Milton proves it in his poem that Satan is very much just like us, and you can be sympathetic for Satan because he disobeyed God .In paradise lost by John Milton, Satan is a sympathetic character because he comes off more like man then the figure of God. Anything he does, Feels, or acts on is just like a human
Satan is very easy to sympathize because he is more like man than god is, he has more characteristics and feelings that god does not have. He has jealousy, fear, pride and he makes mistakes like we all do. His pride is what got him where he is today, thinking he could take over heaven for the better of the angels. But when has god ever made a mistake? He doesn’t because he’s so perfect. When one looks around it is clear every human around you is not perfect. We all make mistakes, regrets, but that does not mean we should be thrown away from earth. The way Satan thinks, feels, and acts is all very human and that’s one reason we can sympathize with him, because we’ve all been there at one point in time. At an all-time low, that’s we he ends up embracing his future like he should.
In the beginning of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Satan was banished from heaven for rebelling against god himself because of his beliefs that he would be a better ruler of Heaven then god. He refused to accept God’s son as ruler because he felt like he was bound in chains by tyranny. This is a good argument for anyone to rebel, and any man put under the rule of a tyrant, feels that it is his job to make a change. Throughout the story while Satan is in hell you can feel his pain, suffering, and hopelessness from being kicked out of paradise. Satan feels like god shouldn’t be able to control the people because they’re not the same, and the people cannot relate to God. So from this point of view taking over heaven seems like the best idea and in this way the reader can sympathize with Satan.
When Heaven is sent to hell for what he thinks is trying to make it for the better of the people, he is furious.
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