Sarcasm about Religion in Voltaire´s Candide

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Religion has always been something that has been argued for centuries long ago. Voltaire has never been afraid to clearly speak his opinions on how he sees religion really is. Many have argued whether religion is actual belief or just a lot of hypocrisy from religion towards the world. The way Voltaire portrays religion in Candide it is some belief but mostly hypocrisy due to the secrets being held and all of the lies being told. He was never a big fan of religion and he satires it a lot and reveals what some religion really does. What Voltaire says is that religion seems fair but it is deep within lies that they do not follow their own rules and he addresses that by showing the many examples when they do something they should not do. Voltaire shows it with sarcasm and he uses wit as well seeing if the reader can notice how it would be ironic for religion to be portrayed in that manner. Throughout the whole book most of the religious people have many things to hide or they either have done things that go against what religion is taught to be. "Oh, my dear Candide, you remember Paquette… in her arms I tasted the delights of paradise, which produced in me those hell torments with which you see me devoured; she was infected with them…who had received it from a Jesuit.” It seems that Pangloss got an STD from Paquette who got it from a religious Jesuit who supposedly took a vow of celibacy to remain holy as well. Voltaire’s view of this here with this satire is that the actions that these men did were dishonorable and these practices were pretty common in their time. This sexual satire occurs many more times with Cunegonde for example and her moment as a slave. “ My Jew, intimidated, concluded a bargain, by which the house and myself ... ... middle of paper ... ...minister’s wife dumps human waste on Candide because of how she felt which is no way to act according to how religion is portrayed. Voltaire makes sure the reader can spot and see hypocrisy of religion and how they may judge others without following their own rules. "Alas!" said the old woman, "I have a shrewd suspicion of a reverend Grey Friar, who stayed last night in the same inn with us at Badajos. God preserve me from judging rashly, but he came into our room twice, and he set out upon his journey long before us." The person who stole Cunégonde’s money is a religious friar and he left before them which means he did not want to be caught. Religion is belief but only rarely, therefore most of the time sadly religion is hypocrisy and that is exactly how Voltaire wanted his readers to see it. With all his satire and sarcasm he made sure they see what religion is.

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