Sarah Keershaw's My Other Family Is The Office

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As businesses seek for profits, people were always interested in ways to increase the work efficiency. In the past, people pondered about increasing the wages or reducing the work hours to discover the best way to enhance the work efficiency among the workers while reducing the compliances from them. But in the present time, people tend to consider the relationship between the workers to increase the work efficiency. These thoughts about increasing the profit and the work efficiency became the basis of the industrial psychology. In the article, “My Other Family Is the Office”, the author Sarah Kershaw claims that it’s the relationship between the workers in the office that encourages people to work harder in the modern time. The industrial…show more content…
Norris, supports Kershaw’s claim by saying that the “work is nothing more than an entirely complex set of relationships… it 's parents and siblings… just the titles are different” (Kershaw, p1). He defines the relationship within the workplace as same as the relationship within the family. Laurence J. Stybel, a psychologist at Boston specialized in organizational behavior, states that “somebody who is successful at getting resources in the family environment approaches the corporate environment with a sense of confidence” (Kershaw, p1). She argues that the more comfortable the environment of the workplace is, the more confidence in the workers which encourages them to work harder. This psychological improvement on the environment of the workplace helps them to work better in the comfortable environment similar to the…show more content…
Benjamin Dattner, an organizational psychologist in New York who consults with companies on workplace issues and blogs for Psychology Today, stated that “the use of personality testing in the workplace to measure employees ' ' 'emotional intelligence ' ' or, for example, how they handle conflict, has become increasingly common” (Kershaw, 1). He claims that the personality tests are used to select the employees who are capable of making social relationships with other colleagues. Also, he adds that “the idea [of the personality test] is to help increase their effectiveness… by having a team of co-workers better understand their strengths and weaknesses” (Kershaw, 2). Nowadays, people want to hire those who have psychological abilities to interact with other

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