Sanjay Ali Case Study

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Critically discuss the role of the socio-cultural issues of race, gender, age, and class in the case study. Consider the implications these issues have on the treatment of this client/offender.
This essay will critically discuss the role of the socio-cultural issues of race, gender age and class upon Sanjay Ali, a client/offender outlined in an Open University (2017) case study. It will consider the implications each socio-cultural issue has on the treatment of this client/offender within the judicial and mental health services. The essay will also discuss the implications and impact of the intersectionality of the various identities of the client/offender. The essay will conclude with a critical discussion and summary of the main points.
Firstly to look at the role of race, Sanjay is British Asian. Sewell (2017, pg.68) observes that people from various BAME groups experience poorer outcomes in life than the dichotomous white population. Sewell states that there is a disproportionate experience by BAME groups of issues like poverty which can be linked to poor mental health (Sewell, 2017, pg.70). Sewell
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The term was used again recently in a report by McCullen (Safer Bristol Partnership, 2017) on the death of Bijan Ebrahimi where the findings specifically stated that no individual within the police or social services were found to be intentionally racist, but found evidence of both discriminatory behaviour and institutional racism within both services and suggested that change was needed for dealing with complaints of racist behaviour. There is no suggestion from the case study that Sanjay has been the victim of racism, however, the judicial, social and mental health services need to be alert to the negative implications of possible personal and institutional unconscious bias when treating
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