Sandy Hook Shooting

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Nothing is more horrible then the atrocities that took place on December 14th 2012 in Sandy Hook Connecticut, when students at the Sandy Hook Elementary school were gunned down by twenty years old Adam Lanza. who suffered from an obsessive compulsive behavior, and had an odd fascination with mass shootings, when he entered the school carrying more than thirty pounds of ammunition and Lanza had three guns, one was a semi-automatic bushmaster rifle, and two pistols, Lanza then killed twenty first- grader students, and six adults, his mother being one of them, all in eleven minuets. And even though there is evidence he obviously intended to kill that day there is no clear motive. The “shooting became the second-deadliest in U.S. history” (Washington Post). And the incident was on the news anywhere and everywhere. Even President Barack Obama spoke about the tragedy, saying he promised “meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this,” but did not say specifically what he might do.(Washington Post) It’s a tragedy that dominated every news sources that brought out the bias in every news source from the local news to the state news, and which I’m going to expose. After taking a look at the local news source CT Post in Connecticut that reported the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, I noticed the news report was missing a couple very important details, like what exactly occurred from the minute Lanza entered the school, to the minute he left, it does not the specify the details that occurred that day of the shooting which I was hoping to find. The report simply summarized the whole incident, and emphasized all the memorials taking place to remember the victims. More than the actual incident itself, it makes me conclude is the po... ... middle of paper ... ...n December 14 2012 when the mass shooting took place in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Works Cited Fox, Laren, USN News’s NEWS world report.2013.Web25, Feb2014. . Levinson, Linda. CT Post. 2012. Web 25 Feb. 2014. Smith, Matt. CNN Justice.CNN News.2013.Web.25, FEB2014. Fahrenthold, David Horwitz, Sari. Vogel, Steve. Washington Post Politics. Washington Post, 2012.Web.25 Feb.2014
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