Sandra Lombardino Case Study

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The Life of Sandra Lombardino Sandra Lombardino is a recently retired school teacher facing a multitude of crisis’ regarding her personal life and growth. Sandra has a strong desire to vacation and enjoy her retirement via travel and volunteering, however there are barriers that will not allow those things to occur. Sandra is unhappily married to Benedito, an offensive and abusive long-time alcoholic. The couple shares four children, all of which are estranged because of Benedito’s abusive behavior. Though Sandra is overweight and has arthritis, Benedito is the only thing holding her back from achieving her retirement dreams. Sandra has thought about leaving Benedito on many occasions but realizes that he will be entitled to half of her money…show more content…
Sandra has a life-long list of accomplishments however; her regrets greatly outweigh her past achievements. Sandra has been in a long-term abusive relationship, she has lost a connection with her children and she is unable to enjoy her retirement; she cannot travel or volunteer, which is all credited to her marriage to Benedito. Sandra has been abused both physically and emotionally and continues to accept abuse because she feels that it is the ethical thing to do. This transition crisis may be resolved by a HSP conducting a life review of Sandra by counseling her and going over different options that are available to her, supplying her with resources that are tailored to her situation and possibly assist her in finding a good lawyer so that she doesn’t have to relinquish some of her hard-earned money to Benedito. They can help her to build up the courage, strength and willpower to leave her abuser, one and for…show more content…
The agency provides seniors with a host of resources that service individuals whom have been victims of abuse. Counseling, mental health, legal assistance, case management, witness assistance, shelters, crisis lines and support groups are just the beginning of what they offer (The National Committee for the Protection of Elder Abuse, 2008). This would be the perfect agency for Sandra and her family as they offer every type of assistance that Sandra and her family needs. Not only would this agency find Sandra the perfect legal assistance to safely leave her abuser but it would also allow the children to have a voice as witness. If things were to get worse for Sandra she could call the crisis line or even stay at a shelter. Also, checking out the support groups would be great for the entire family so that they know that they are not
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