Sandi Vs The Voice Of Temptation

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You may not recognise me at first. But trust me, you know me well. I'm the voice that makes you crave those "Light and Tangy" potato chips, and the mocha cream puff - the one with inch-thick cream and smooth lemon vanilla custard, sandwiched between light choux pastry with mocha flavoured icing on top, drizzled with chocolate. Do you know who I am now?I'm the reason you smoke 20 cigarettes every day - you try to give up, but we both know you always cave in and smoke all the more. We both know you'll never give up. You like it too much. In fact, you need one right now, don't you? Go on: have one. You know it's no risk, even sensible Logic tells you that people get killed just crossing the road. "We've all gotta die sometime" - right? And, don't worry about that cream puff - you can walk the dogs later to work the calories off. Ok, so we both know Procrastination will come along and you'll put it off until tomorrow - but don't worry about that now. You need a cigarette and one more is not going to kill you (not right now anyway). Why not enjoy the moment? Got ya! See: it works every time!Remember the other day when you "chose" not to go to school because, after all, you weren't going to miss anything important, were you? That was me. Ha! There you were, snuggled in your fluffy doona, sleepy, and warm. As you woke, you sensed the dark clouds outside dimming the room, and you heard the rain splattering on the roof and lashing at the windows, and it was such a good idea to stay there wasn't it? Yes, you certainly thought so at the time. You missed the start of a new topic at school, but hey, you'll catch up. Of course the first thing you'll have to do is finish catching up on the theory you missed from before ... but you can do it ... later. Things always work out - just go with the flow - hey, I wouldn't want you to worry now, would I? Trust me!Trust you? Now that you've revealed your true colours I realise what a fool I've been. I've listened to you all along, going against what I truly knew was good for me, all the time unaware of your power over me.

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