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“The Golden City,” “The City by the Bay,” and “The Fog City” all describe the lovely San Francisco. San Francisco is a famous city located in Northern California and has many attractions that bring tourists from all around the world to this beautiful destination each year. San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, and much more! It is the fourth most populated city in California, with more than eight hundred thousand residents. Built on forty-three hills, San Francisco covers over forty-six square miles of land. This city is now the home to many historic sights, popular entertainment places, and sports teams. San Francisco was first inhabited by Native Americans, and then by the Spanish, who settled …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains san francisco is a famous city located in northern california and has many attractions that bring tourists from all around the world to this beautiful destination each year.
  • Explains that san francisco was first inhabited by native americans, and then by the spanish, who settled in this land in 1776. after the mexican-american war, this vast piece of land was now part of the united states and was renamed
  • Describes the devastating 1906 earthquake in san francisco, which destroyed the entire city. the earthquake was called the "world series quake" and was blamed on the san andreas fault line.
  • Explains that the san francisco giants, founded in 1883, have recognized ten ballparks as their "home" stadium, including polo grounds i, ii, iii, and iv, as well as the national league pennants.
  • Explains that the san francisco 49ers are a professional american football team in the national football league and nfc.

In 1958, the widely known Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, moved to San Francisco. The San Francisco Giants was established in 1883, originally called the New York Gothams. This was later renamed to the New York Giants, and then to the San Francisco Giants in 1958. So far, the Giants have recognized ten ballparks as their “home” stadium. This includes Polo Grounds I, II, III, and IV, Oakland Park, Saint George Grounds, Hilltop Park, Seals Stadium, Candlestick Park, and finally, AT&T Park. This outstanding team has won eight World Series- five in New York, and three in San Francisco. The Giants have also won twenty-three National League pennants, a National League record. They also have the most wins in total, at a little more than ten …show more content…

The 49ers are a professional American football team in the National Football League and National Football Conference. It was established in 1944 and was named the 49ers because of the gold rush that had happened in San Francisco in 1849. Currently, the 49ers have five Super Bowl championships, six Conference championships, and nineteen Division championships. They have three past home fields- the Kezar Stadium, Candlestick Park, and Stanford Stadium. Since 2014, the 49ers have known Levi’s Stadium as their home field. The National Basketball League team, the Golden State Warriors, was once also known as the San Francisco Warriors. This lasted from 1962 to 1971. Games were located in either the Cow Palace or the San Francisco Civic Auditorium. In 1971, the Warriors were renamed the Golden State Warriors to represent the whole California. Today, the Golden State Warriors play at the Oracle Arena and have won five NBA championships, nine Conference titles, and five Division

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