Samsung in America

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"On every issue, the choice you face won't be just between two candidates or two parties. It will be a choice between two different paths for America."- Barack Obama (Kohan). This is a quote by Barack Obama during his election speech. In a democracy, citizens vote for their own opinions; they vote for what they believe is best for America which is a true democracy. It’s not just two candidates or two parties, they vote for what they believe is best for America. Having rights for freedom of speech and Foreign Employ Rights are very important for establishing a business with a fair democracy. Samsung should expand business and move my family to United States of America. One of the reasons why is the type of government which is a democracy which lets citizens’ voices to be heard which make it fair for all people and it is a very safe country. America has the strongest military in the world currently and is globally accepted. Samsung should expand business in America because it is a fair democracy along with foreign employee rights, and freedom of speech which is an advantage to our business.
Everyone has the right to speak out their opinion with a fair democracy. Democracy is where there is no dictatorship of one person and no citizens are left out. No citizen will not have a say in the government, and the citizens opinions are implied in politics. United states is a democratic government which is a fair government and gives us, the citizens, a voice to make the country better for all of us. The democratic government of United States, has 3 branches, the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branch. The Executive branch includes the president who is responsible for enforcing laws. The president acts as both the head of state and comm...

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