Samsung And Apple Case Study

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A critical evaluation of the Competition between Samsung and Apple
Samsung and Apple are among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of smartphones in the current global market. Arguably, the need to produce an advanced cellphone that could do much more than just make or receive a phone call motivated the two companies to improve their products. The progress turned into two almost similar products that could offer the same service as the computer. Apple invented its technology back in 2007 and dominated the market for long, beating products like Nokia. Consumers loved the 1st generation iPhone’s cool screen touch features and multi-touch user interface. Although Apple has been successful throughout its progress in the Smartphone market,
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Apple Inc. implemented the blue ocean strategy; concurrent pursuit for uniqueness and low costs to open up a new market and demand (Kim, 2004). The company used the strategy to supply creative and innovative products that changed the field of art. However, Samsung joined the smartphone market by using the red ocean strategy; gaining a competitive advantage by venturing into an existing market, and improving on its weaknesses. Apple was the discoverer of the smartphone market, but Samsung managed to flood the market with new highly modified products that were launched after a short while hence grabbing a huge cost advantage from Apple…show more content…
Therefore, it seems that Samsung is vulnerable to future threats due to lack of innovation. Technology advances with time, and apparently, customers may soon shun away from updated brands to consume something new. Based on Samsung’s red ocean strategy, developing in a market without competitors would be impossible. Samsung should revise the costs of its products a little higher, as some customers connect relative low prices with low
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