Samsung 4ps Case Study

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1) Discuss how Samsung achieved they have adopted in the global marketplace based on the 4Ps of the marketing mix? Do you justify the Samsung strategy of redefining brand is giving fruits in today’s technology driven marketplace. Samsung achieved their goal and become a successful brand in global market based on many strategies; 4Ps is one of the strategies that Samsung used. When companies started business, they have to look at what are they going to sale, who is their customer, how much they going to cost their product, and where they are they going to sale. 4Ps or as know as marketing mix is the tools for any business, so what is 4Ps? 4Ps is the most popular tools that focus on 4 things as shown in the picture. In product section, Samsung focused at electronics products such as LCD, laser printers. Moreover, Samsung tried to present another product to the market. Electronics product as MP3, and small gadgets was introduced to the market. Next is price, Samsung pricing their product different price for different targets. It has been show on case study that Samsung have goal to get a bigger piece in electronics market in Canada, so they had work on how to expand their brand in Canada. The last is promotion, Samsung had developed promotion in U.S., and also Samsung had new technology like HDTV to impel sales for their brand. On the hand, it does not mean that Samsung achieved their goal because of using Marketing mix. As Samsung impel their brand to be well-known they have sponsorship strategy by using TOP plan. Samsung become a large sponsor in Olympic Game since 1988. The world top brand like Coca Cola, IMB and other also use this strategy to build brand image. In the next Olympic Games that held in Asia, Europe, America,... ... middle of paper ... ... to achieve before figuring out how you're going to achieve it.” Samsung’s achievement is to take leader rank of the electronics market from Sony who had occupied consumers electronic market over twenty years. The point of successful in the business is not only just getting huge among of profits from product but to present product to consumers and become well-known brand is more important for the small market share in electronics markets, the process increase sales and make product spread all over Canada and the electronic consumer will see Samsung in electronic retails shop and this will make product become will known. Also the low cost strategy will attracted consumer and promoted products to the market. This will bring company to growth in the electronic business in the future. , so this would said that Samsung used long term strategy for their business.

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