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Talent recruitment is among the key issues businesses must solve. Attracting the right talent and making the right hire is not as easy as it might sound, especially in the current recruitment landscape. So, what is the future of talent recruitment? We’ll explore the changes the recruitment industry has faced in the past, by analysing the previous recruitment model and the impact of digitalisation of the sector. We’ll then focus on the big problem recruitment must solve and outline five future trends of the industry. The recruitment landscape of the past To understand and to appreciate the future recruitment scene, it’s auspicious to first understand how recruitment has operated in the past. This can provide a better idea of the challenges recruiters have dealt with past and explain some of the difficulties it might experience in the years ahead. The recruitment landscape divides into two eras: pre-digitalisation and post-digitalisation. During the pre-digitalisation era recruiters had to rely on paper resumes and job applications. Job posts were advertised either in industry papers or tradeshows or in public recruitment centres. In many instances, jobs go advertised internally and hiring involved referrals by other employees. The selection process also followed a different pattern. The recruiters went through the paper applications and resumes, shortlisting suitable candidates for an interview. Candidates were called to face-to-face interviews, with only a small amount of interviews being conducted by phone. From the interviewees, recruiters created a further shortlist and eventually picked a candidate for hire. The tools at recruiters’ disposal were just the resume, the application and its questions, the interview and the p... ... middle of paper ... ...m recruitment agencies must solve then centres around finding a solution to attracting the best talent to any given position, without compromising speed and efficiency. The industry is likely to move towards creating an overall better recruitment experience, for both the organisation hiring and the candidate. According to Temple-Brown, this could mean recruiters tapping on talent much earlier. “There is going to be a greater emphasis on getting quality graduate recruiters to find quality graduates,” she said. Focus will shift on solving the problem of finding the right ‘fit’ instead of the right ‘skills’ and this can mean talent recruitment will become more about focusing on the personality and the potential. Organisations will focus on talent potential by targeting younger students and graduates, hire the best match and develop the candidate for the specific role.

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